Do you need help creating your Dance Teaching CV?

What does a Dance Teachers CV look like? How does it differ from a Dancers CV or a resume/CV from any other industry?

A Dance Teachers CV should contain information specific to the skills, qualifications and experience one holds that is specific to… well… teaching dance.

Some of the information on a Dancers/Performers CV will translate to a Teaching CV, but there are some sections that differ and are important to include;

  • References – Studio Owners for whom you have previously worked.
  • Qualifications – This could include a Cert or Diploma in Dance Teaching and Management or a membership for a certain Syllabus
  • Experience – This could include cool teaching or choreography opportunities you have received like, choreographing for School Spectacular or on a music video. These experience may have taught you things that you would like to pass onto your students
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Police Check – as it applies to your state or territory

Need a hand creating your Teaching CV? 

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The Margot Template

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The Campbell Template

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The Astaire Template

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